Monday, September 7, 2009

The Perfect Machine

I am working on a systematic treatise...discussing the real needs of a successful 21st century organization. It has become evident to me...while composing the book (The Perfect Machine), that when this concept (organizational survival) is put in the context of Maslov's hierarchy of needs, that American organizations have been pushed back to the very bottom of the hierarchy!

In order for American organizations to be successful (whether they operate in an international or limited market) they must throw off their apathy and strive again for organizational self-actualization. It is an interesting concept and I believe that it is applicable.

The "Perfect Machine" is one of 3 books intended to guide and lead organizations up the hierarchy! Organizations must understand and realize that they are at the bottom and much of their plight has been caused by their current leaders! This is not a criticism of American management (although it is likely that it will be taken that way). It is a challenge to assess the organization and themselves and move forward!

Fear, risk aversion and a focus on short-term results will drive complacency and ultimately lead to demise of those organizations. That is a fact of nature...evolution will take its toll and those leaders will not get another chance to make the difference that they had an opportunity to make! The good thing is that most of them know how to wait tables and flip burgers. In a tongue in cheek way...the leaders of today that refuse to recognize the real state of things will be serving those who do recognize and adapt to it!

Which one are you?

"If it works...don't mess with it"...won't make it in the 21st century...are you that type of leader?

"I heard you and we need to do something about it..." is the other type...

Two will walk into the marketplace...but only one will return...

Which one are you?