Sunday, June 13, 2010

The New Brass Ring

Continuous Improvement and its Process Improvement (PI) tool set sits on the cusp of a potential transformation.  Its practitioners can choose to embrace the change and move into the new Milena or reject it and remain in the 20th century.  We'll just have to wait and watch and see if the purported advocates of change, are capable of living up to the behavior set that they advocate is critical to success.  Are PI people really capable of performing up to their standards, or just using high standards as a safeguard and an excuse for failure.  The next year will be VERY telling.

In short order, my latest book, "The New Brass Ring" will be released.  It unveils a concept called "Solutions-based" problem-solving.  This stands at the opposite end of the PI spectrum from Six Sigma, which lives in the world of "Discovery-based" problem-solving.  Each has their place. 

In the 20th century Six Sigma ebbed because the majority of the issues that organizations faced required the identification of the root causes (sources) and subsequent changes based upon the discoveries.  Cause and Effect analysis was not a widespread or natural behavior. 

"We have a problem..."

"What is causing it?"

"I do not know!"

"Then go and find out what it is...and fix it!"

Six Sigma developed a structure (discipline) loosely based upon scientific method called MAIC or DMAIC.  There is a myriad of reasons for this structure...and most are valid.  The important thing is that the influence of Six Sigma (directly and indirectly) has made a majority of the population astute at "cause and effect analysis! The conversations now have evolved to...

"We have a problem..."

"X is causing it..."

"Go and fix it..."

"There are 50 things that we can do...which one is the best answer?"

"Just pick one and do it...we can't afford to wait while someone makes a decision!"

The question has shifted from "what is the cause?" to "What do we do?"

There is an elegant beauty inherent in "Solution-based" problem-solving, just like there was in "Discovery-based" problem-solving.  The "New Brass Ring" unveils that beauty.

Discovery-based problem-solving pursued knowledge...Solutions-based problem-solving applies wisdom.  It addresses RISK and IMPACT.

At this point in organizational evolution...risk and overall impact are the critical characteristics that need to be addressed.  These are the elements required to survive in the 21st century.

I desire to get the word out...

I need your help to do can be part of the is a great place to be!

When the book is it and also tell your friends and associates to do so also!  SPREAD THE WORD!

When you are traveling...go to the airport book stores and news stands and ask for the book (whether or not you have a copy).  It needs to be present at these stores to get the most exposure...

Continuous Improvement and Process Improvement needs a transformation...we can do it!